Land in sight!


Land in Sicht, aber ganz weit hinten. Noch so viel zu tun, muss wohl eine Wochenendschicht einlegen. Für Euch hier ein paar Bilder, vielleicht halte ich das jetzt jeden Freitag so. Ein weekly-studio-roundup. So sieht's aus:
There's land in sight, but still so much to do. I think I should work during the weekend. Bohoo. Some pics for you, maybe I'll post it every friday as a weekly-studio-roundup. Here it goes:

Und am Sonntag wird's weihnachtlich. Ihr werdet sehen. Ho ho ho.

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  1. They'll make fab notebooks or travel journels, love the retro camera with the blue landmarks cool! - talking of work I'm off to finish a 3,000 word essay Arrgghh! - just want to print :(

  2. Thanks. Hey, how could you know I'll turn them into notebooks ;) ? Good luck for your essay. What is it about?

  3. Great minds think alike ;) Essay's on Typography, which I love, but I struggle getting words down on paper, take me sooo long! Doing mine on 18th century Moderns Didone & Bodoni, plus I have 6 other projects that need to be in before Christmas, too much to do. I also have regular freelance work to do for local companies, just want to print!
    Are you studying Graphic Design?
    Just got to 400 words now, nearly there!

  4. your cards...really wonderful combination...hopefully you had also fun on your busy weekend...;)...

  5. @freuheuberg: thank you! yes, definitely fun.
    @jax yes, I am finished with my studies in graphic design, hope you could finish your 3,000 words essay at sunday ;)


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