About me

I am Sabrina and I run a little Letterpress Studio called "Small Caps" in Berlin. I like strolling through flea markets hunting for old paper stuff like board games, school books and vintage letters.

I mostly print cards by hand on my letterpress printing machines; I own 2 table top Adanas 8x5, one foot pedal press "Golding Pearl" and one proof press. I enjoy working with my collections of lead and wood type but get more and more into doing lino cuts when time and recently got to test wooden laser cuts for a poster series.

Typography is what interests me most, so check my Pinterest and Instagram stream for your daily dose of inspiration.
My print studio is open for visits and I offer letterpress classes from time to time. Be sure to opt in for my newsletter to stay up to date.

for any questions: post{at}smallcaps-berlin.de
Thank you for visiting and all the best from Berlin
Thanks to Nicola Holtmann for making the first picture above!

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